Amherst’s Pop Up Yoga Class Info

The Special Olympics Yoga Pop up Class held at Amherst’s Yoga Center that was scheduled for March 25th is going to be CANCELED.

We will try to reschedule the pop up class for later in the Spring or early Summer.

For those of you who say yoga isn’t for me, are you aware of all these positive benefits that come with doing yoga!

  • Improved flexibility! If you cant touch your toes, you probably need this!
  • Improved muscular tone, who doesnt want to get stronger!
  • Helps improve your posture, I think the majority of us could all use this especially since we are always looking down at our phones.
  • Helps with stress,
  • Yoga can be known to lower blood pressure
  • Help recover from a sports game as well as prevent future injuries
  • Doing yoga can improve your athletic ability overall

If you want to be the best athlete you can be, then yoga IS for you!

Amherst Pop Up Yoga Class Registration