Basketball All Star Challenges

Basketball All Star Challenges

Online form to submit your All Star Challenge results. Results can be entered as many times as you'd like between February and March.

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  • Basketball Season Timeline

    Session One (November - January): start practicing and focusing on fitness and conditioning. Session Two (February - March): continue with session one, start gathering scores for All Star Challenges. Session Three (March - April): continue with session one and two, All Star Challenge competition begins
  • The Challenges

    Below are the All Star Challenges along with a description for each challenge. Log your scores within the given parameter for each challenge. You may post multiple scores for each challenge, SOMA will take the average of all scores for each challenge.
  • Free Throw Shooting

    Player gets 10 shots from free throw line. Each shot made is worth 1 point. Final shot is a Money Ball and worth 3 points. Keep track of how many shots are made and post your score below.
  • Three Point Shooting

    Set up three locations around three point arc: right wing, top of key and left wing. Player has one minute to complete challenge. Player gets 5 shots from each location, each shot made is worth 1 point and final shot on rack or 5th shot from location is a "money ball" and worth 3 points. Keep track of how many shots are made in one minute. Player must stop shooting once time has expired. If shot is not appropriate based on athletes skill level move each spot in 5 to 15 feet (distance of free throw line)
  • Mikan Drill (Layup Drill)

    Each participant has 30 seconds to make as many layups as possible. Layup from each side of the hoop, keeping ball above shoulders and switching hands when you switch sides. Each make is 1 point.
  • Obstacle Course

    Player starts at baseline and dribbles to half court (45ft) then switches hands and dribbles to the opposite baseline (45ft). Add two seconds to final time for failure to change hands. Once at baseline player must complete four passes to an established target. Two chest passes and two bounce passes. Player may not advance through course until all four passes hit the intended targets. Dribble to opposite baseline (90ft) through 8 cones set up every 10 feet. Player must change hands at each cone. Add two seconds to final time for failure to change hands and add two seconds to final time for each cone player fails to dribble through. At the baseline player must make layup with each hand. Once layups are made course is complete and time can be stopped. Add any additional penalties to total time.
  • Fit 5 Challenge