Meet Boston Marathon Runner Kalei Buzcek

By Emme Punches,
Special Olympics Massachusetts Events Coordinator

“Never being, always becoming” These are the words that Kalei Buczek chooses to model her life around. “It’s a reminder to always grow and learn. You are never stuck in one place, you are always on your way to becoming kaleisomething else, hopefully better.” The next stop on Kalei’s journey is the Boston Marathon and she’s going for it full speed ahead. She set a goal of raising $8,500 for Special Olympics Massachusetts and she is well on her way to making that a reality.

What motivates her and what brought her to this race? “My biggest motivating factor has been the compulsion to do things that I, or others, didn’t think I could. This compulsion, coupled with an inability to say “no” to exciting and new opportunities, regardless of effort required, has now led me to the Boston Marathon.

Now, I am motivated by the compulsion to give back. Through running, I have been able to overcome various mental, physical, and even spiritual hurdles in the past year. It has been my privilege to be able to get up every day and make a choice to push myself and overcome these obstacles. At this point, I feel it is now my duty to help others to overcome their own.”

We are blown away by Kalei’s work ethic and giving spirit and we can’t wait to watch her take this journey!

Support Kalei Buczek in her Boston Marathon fundraising efforts TODAY!

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