Meet Xtra Mile 2019 Boston Marathon Runner Abby Conners

Abby Conners grew up in Douglas, Massachusetts and currently lives in West Hartford, Connecticut.  Her hobbies besides running include exercising, walking her dogs and reading.  Growing up, Abby lived only an hour outside of Boston, making Boston a very easy place for her and her family to go and explore.  She always enjoyed watching the Boston Marathon on TV each year.  A quote she likes to live her life by is “In a world where you can be anything, always be kind”.

Abby feels Special Olympics gives opportunities to children and adults with intellectual disabilities to participate in the same activities children and adults without intellectual disabilities have the ability to do.  She got involved with Special Olympics around 2007-2008 when she began volunteering with Special Olympics Massachusetts in college.  She is now a Special Olympics coach for a basketball team.  Abby worked at Crossroads School, a school for children with autism, and is currently a Special Education teacher and Unified basketball coach at Worcester Technical High School. Unified means the team is made up of athletes with intellectual disabilities and partners without intellectual disabilities playing side-by-side. In her own words, Abby loves the Special Olympics movement because it makes a difference in the lives of children and adults with intellectual disabilities.  It allows them to be able to interact with others and the opportunity to feel included when around others who do not have intellectual disabilities.  Special Olympics allows them to feel like they are a part of something. 

Abby has been active all her life because she played basketball, including in college. She started focusing on running in 2011.  She has never run a full marathon, but she has run a half marathon which was associated with Autism awareness.  It has always been her dream to run a full marathon and she was inspired by her students to run the Boston Marathon this year. In order to train for the marathon, Abby is going to the gym, completing the Heartbreak Hill training, as well as running with friends on the weekends.  On the day of the marathon, her students & their families, her friends, and her husband & family will be out cheering her on as she runs.

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