Meet Xtra Mile Boston Marathon Runner Sybil Williams!

Meet the 2018 Xtra Mile Boston Marathon Team helping us to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Special Olympics Movement by running 26.2 miles for inclusion!

Sybil Williams is just one of the runners on our 26 member Boston Marathon team who’s not only making a difference in the lives of our athletes in 2018, but will have a lasting impact on Special Olympics Massachusetts that will help our movement and organization continue to support the athletes of today and tomorrow as we look forward towards the next 50 years of sports opportunities and inclusion!

Read on to learn more about Sybil!

Where did you grow up? “Pottstown,  Pennsylvania.  About 40 miles west of Philadelphia, PA”

What do you do for work? How does this influence your experience with Special Olympics? “I am a scientist in the Oncology Discovery group at Merck Research Laboratories Boston.”

Do you have any connection to Boston – If so, tell me about it (i.e. from Boston, moved for school or a job, or just want to run!) “I moved to Boston from Madison, WI (where I was a graduate student) in 2004 and have lived in the Boston area ever since.  I live in Wayland, MA and it has been my dream to run the Boston Marathon for many years.  Very excited to finally run my “hometown” marathon!”

What does Special Olympics mean to you? “Confidence, Inclusion, Independence and Inspiration!”

How did you get involved with Special Olympics? “My friend Bethany ran with the Xtra Mile team last year and she encouraged me to apply for the team.  I really wanted to run the Boston Marathon but did not want to run for a team that I was lukewarm about raising funds for.  I am really proud and excited to run the Boston Marathon with Team Xtra Mile and raise money for Special Olympics Massachusetts, a cause that I am really excited about!”

Have you ran a marathon before? “Yes!  This will be my 6th marathon”

Have you ever ran the Boston Marathon before? “No”

How many races have you participated in? “I have run the Richmond, Chicago, Marine Corps, Philadelphia, and New York Marathons and countless 5Ks, 10Ks, and half marathons.”

What made you decide to run the Boston Marathon? “It has been my goal for several years to run the Boston Marathon and this year I am lucky enough to do it with the Xtra Mile Team and support Special Olympics!  I could not be more excited!”

What’s the craziest thing on your bucket list? What on your bucket list that you’ve done that you are most proud of? “I think that running marathons is the craziest thing on my bucket list and running marathons is the thing that I am most proud of”

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