Meet Xtra Mile 2019 Boston Marathon Runner Tim McLaughlin

Tim with his family

Tim McLaughlin is a Pennsylvania native, from Collegeville, who now lives in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania with his wife and their four children.  Both Collegeville and Wynnewood are just outside of Philadelphia.  Besides his obvious enjoyment of running, Tim really enjoys spending his time with his family.  Whether it’s working out, playing golf, skiing, or other sports he loves being able to spend quality time with his family.  Tim and his family also really enjoy traveling.  Every aspect of the amazing city of Boston reminds Tim of Philadelphia.  There’s not just one thing that seems to remind him of Philadelphia.  It’s everything, the culture, the history, the people, etc. that allows him to make the connection between the two cities.  Four of the proudest moments in Tim’s life were each time he got to witness his children coming into the world.  Another proud moment in Tim’s life was when he started and built his own company from the ground up.  “Work Hard, Play Hard” is the perfect motto in Tim’s opinion for him to choose to live his life by.

Tim got involved with Special Olympics Massachusetts through his oldest son Carter who is 10 years old.  Carter has gone out of his way to play and work with children with intellectual disabilities at his elementary school.  He befriended a few kids ad now regularly goes to their classrooms to spend time with them, and his teachers have made it possible for him to spend this time helping them. Tim is extremely proud that on his own Carter has taken the initiative and been able to establish relationships with these amazing children.  It has been truly inspiring and eye opening that at such a young age Carter is doing what he is in order to help his classmates with intellectual disabilities feel included just like anyone else.

Tim got involved himself with Special Olympics Massachusetts when he joined the Boston Marathon Xtra Mile team three years ago.  The delivery of hope, joy, enthusiasm, funding, as well as many other intangible aspects to individuals with intellectual disabilities is what drew Tim into the Special Olympics mission.  In his own opinion, Special Olympics is an organization which gives children and adults with intellectual disabilities, who otherwise might not think they have the ability to, the opportunity to compete, dream, and achieve anything possible.  Special Olympics also promotes love and understanding to all individuals through support and motivation.


For the last three years, Tim has run marathons and so far he has run the Chicago Marathon twice, the Philadelphia Marathon once, and will have run the Boston Marathon three times this April.  He has also run four 10 mile races and a half marathon before he decided to run his first full marathon.  The inspiration for him to run the Boston Marathon came from his wife who is an active marathon runner.  While watching her run the 2016 Boston Marathon, he was amazed and inspired by all of the participants, the crowds, and the overall energy the whole day in general has.  He believes there is just something about marathon day in Boston, which can’t be replicated in any other city.  In order to train for his sixth marathon, Tim is following a training program he has followed in the past when training to run other marathons.  Tim’s motivation for the days when he doesn’t feel like running is visualizing himself running the marathon and hearing the crowd cheering him on when he makes the turn onto Hereford and Boylston.  This will be the third year in a row Tim and his wife have run the Boston Marathon together.  They can’t wait to hear all of the amazing, energized complete strangers cheering them on again this year.

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