Boston Bruins inspired work out

With the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals, we are counting down the minutes until the next game. If you’re also a huge B’s fan, we’ve got a fun work out for you!

Below are common events that happen during a hockey game. Every time one of these things happens, do  the corresponding exercise!

Bruins score a goal: 10-20 Jumping Jacks

Your favorite player scores: 15-20 Sit Ups

Bruins get a penalty: 15-20 Couch Squats

Blues get a penalty: 5-10 Push Ups

Bruins player gets a HATRICK: High Knees for 30-45 seconds

Power Play: 10 Side Leg raises each leg

Empty net: 10 Mountain Climbers

If you haven’t seen our BFit Training Tip Series with John Whitesides, the Bruins strength coach, and athlete Beth Donahue, check it out below:

BFit Training series YouTube

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