2020 National Coaches Day – Tyrone Hicks

Coach Tyrone Hicks – Seven Hills Shamrocks Flag Football 

This year for National Coaches Day we are recognizing three outstanding Special Olympics Massachusetts coaches. We received dozens of nominations and were amazed to hear about incredible coaches who are making an impact on their athletes and communities. 

“Coach Hicks deserves this because he is a coach who coaches us in many ways. On the field, Coach Hicks always brings a positive attitude while making the practice fun, but when we need it he has the ability to motivate and get the best out of us. Coach Hicks is a very thorough man who runs his practices very organized and makes sure that everyone is involved and is celebrated.

Coach Hicks goes above and beyond for the team. He has bought us Hats, Gloves, Masks, Shirts, Socks all in the Shamrock blue color so that we will look like a team at all times. Coach Hicks has also put a lot of thought into playing the game of Flag football, we have organized plays that we run through. We have an Offensive and Defensive coordinator. Coach had brought a drone to monitor our practices this year. Coach Hicks has made sure that we remain friends outside of the football field, we host regular team get togethers.

During the COVID-19 pandemic Coach organized two Zoom team calls each week. One call would consist of fun brainy games like Kahoot trivia on our favorite subjects. As another would be a weekly check in to see how everyone was doing. As a team we would like to nominate Coach Hicks for this award because he is a players coach, a life coach, and an exceptional coach. We can not think of anyone more deserving of this award than Coach Hicks.”

– Nominated by Anthony Ellis

5 responses to “2020 National Coaches Day – Tyrone Hicks”

  1. Wilbert W. Hicks says:

    That’s awesome my brother.

  2. Loretta Black says:

    I totally agree with the team… you guys have the most amazing coach ever! Keep up the good work cuz!❤

  3. Sar Mingo says:

    So inspiring Ty! Congratulations!!!

  4. Coach Hicks continues to make an extrodinary impact of the lives of his team. His dedication to their wellbeing, physically and mentally, is something to be admired. His positive encouragement, fun nature, and attention to each athlete’s needs is remarkable. This world needs more mentors like Coach Hicks!

  5. Jacqueline Woods says:

    Congratulations Tyrone. Bravo to you and your squad. Well deserved. Job well done. You will be rewarded!