Coach Spotlight – Kate Dyer

Kate Dyer – Bridgewater-Raynham

“I’ve known Kate for almost 20 years. I have always admired the way she works with all of her athletes, teaching them not only the rules of the game but on how to be good people. She has also grown her program to include Unified teams, which allows her son, a Special Olympics athlete, to compete alongside his sister and their peers. Her husband Jon also helps coach, as a matter of fact, the two met while coaching a Special Olympics team in New Bedford. She goes out of her way to help raise funds so that her athletes have what they need, including participating in Over the Edge alongside her daughter Sariah. I have watched athletes from Kate’s teams become more outgoing and friendly with other teams as the years go by. I can’t think of any coach who deserves this recognition other than Kate, though she likely wouldn’t agree.”

-Submitted by Rita Stokinger

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