Western MA Regional Golf Invitational

Western MA Regional Golf Invitational

August 19, 2018 all-day America/New York Timezone


This event is an Invitational Tournament for Golf and is not required

Schedule of the Day*:

  • 1:30 pm – Shotgun start

Hole Assignments: Updated August 17th

Tee Assignments- By Hole

Additional Event Information:

  • Unified Stroke play will have Unified Partners tee off on all Odd Holes and Athletes tee off on all Even Holes.
    • Reminder for Level 2- Both Hole 9 and 1 are ODD holes and Unified Partner should tee off on odd holes.
  • All teams should follow the Double Par Rule during Special Olympics competitions and training
    • Double Par Rule- When a team reaches Double Par on a given hole they will pick up their ball and advance to the next hole. Mark the number of strokes that constitute double par with an X to indicate Double Par.
  • Level 2 Golfers will play 9 holes and will compete on the front 9 only. All teams are assigned a starting hole and will continue play 1-9 until they have played all 9 holes. If a team is starting on the 8th hole they will play 8, 9 and then continue back to the 1st hole.
  • Level 3 Golfers will play 18 holes. Level 3 golfers are highlighted on the tee assignments in light green. Teams competing in level 3 will begin at their assigned hole and continue play through the back/front of the course until they have completed all 18 holes.