Meet Xtra Mile Falmouth Road Race Runner, Kerri Daley!

The thing that Kerri Daley is most proud of crossing off her bucket list is running a marathon. So it is no surprise that the Massachusetts native chose to run in the Falmouth Road Race for Special Olympics Massachusetts, especially because she is so familiar with the area and with Special Olympics. Kerri’s husband grew up in Falmouth, so not only is this race taking place in what she calls her second home, but she has watched and volunteered at the Falmouth Road Race before.

In the past, Kerri worked at the Riverview School and had several students who participated in Special Olympics. “It was amazing to watch them grow and see how their self-esteem increased,” she said. “They came into their own.” For her, Special Olympics means opportunities, gaining self-esteem and forming friendships.

Kerri is supporting Special Olympics athletes by running in the Falmouth Road Race, which will help athletes continue to achieve goals and learn new skills. Kerri herself knows how good it feels to accomplish a new task. Her motivation for running is “The feeling when a run is over and how accomplished you feel.”

Thank you Kerri for supporting Special Olympics and good luck during your race!




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