Get Involved as an Athlete

Special Olympics Massachusetts offers year-round programming to individuals with intellectual disabilities, for all ages, in 24 different sports across the state. Check out our full listing of sports offered. Children may begin practicing and competing with a local program at age 6, and can begin attending state level competitions at age 8. Children between the ages of 2 and 7 can participate in the Young Athletes program, which prepares them for future participation in Special Olympics. There is no age limit for athletes at Special Olympics. All of our sports offer competition at a senior level and due to the growing demand of our older athletes, the Senior Sports program offers low-impact competition exclusively for athletes over the age of 40.

Getting Started as a Traditional Athlete (ages 7 and up)

Complete the following steps to get involved as an athlete:

  • Complete the Athlete Application for Participation form (PDF VERSION | WORD VERSION) (form only valid with ALL signatures completed, must be signed by a licensed medical examiner and is valid for three years)
  • Send completed form to one of the following:
  • Complete the ATHLETE INTEREST FORM: This will allow us to place the you with the appropriate community program.
  • Someone will be in contact within 2 weeks of the completed forms to place you with a program.
Getting Started as a Young Athlete (ages 2 through 7)

Complete the following steps to get involved as a young athlete:

2017 Fall – Winter Season Programs

Young Athletes Registration

You will be contacted within a week and put in touch with the Young Athlete program

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  • For more resources and information on the Young Athlete program, click here
For more information Contact Eric Archambault by email or call 508-485-0986 ext.221