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The Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) program is one of the most important year-round fundraising initiatives supporting Special Olympics Massachusetts. Since it’s inception in 1981, the Law Enforcement Torch Run program has raised over $790,000,000 globally. In 2019, Massachusetts LETR raised over $735,000!

Even through the COVID-19 pandemic, the Law Enforcement Torch Run found ways to come together for Special Olympics athletes — from sending virtual high-fives to organizing countywide Cruiser Convoy rallies, LETR raised funds and awareness for thousands of Special Olympics athletes who have persisted and persevered over the last two years.

As we rebuild and grow our Torch Run movement back to its pre-pandemic influence, we ask that you join us and identify a specific LETR Liaison within your agency who will help drive the LETR program forward at a very grassroots, community level. The LETR Liaison will work with other athletes, coaches, volunteers, and families in their area to raise awareness, funds, and bring in new athletes into our movement. Please fill out the online form for your agency here or on the right side of our website.

Check out how you can help Torch Run impact Special Olympics athletes in communities across Massachusetts:

LETR Events this Winter!

Get Involved with your Local Special Olympics community:

  • Drop in on one of our fall Walking Clubs and Skills Centers
  • Host a socially-distanced, just-for-fun Corn Hole Tournament between your agency and Special Olympics athletes
  • Present Medals at one of our Winter Qualifying events!
  • Partner with a restaurant in town for a Tip-A-Cop fundraiser where officers work alongside the wait staff to earn “tips” or donations to Special Olympics Massachusetts. Invite Special Olympics teams to come out and dine with you, or even better — to greet patrons at the door.



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