Newton Fitness Club 2020

Is becoming a healthier, stronger?  Look no further!  The Newton Fitness Club is the perfect club for you. Don’t be scared by the word fitness, this club welcomes and is appropriate for those of any and all fitness levels!

Session 1:  Sundays Jan. 12 – February 23rd, from 3-4PM. ** The club will be canceled February 16** due to construction at the YMCA

Session 2:  Will start March 1st- April 5th. The club will still be held on Sundays from 3-4PM.

Where: West Suburban YMCA; 276 Church St, Newton, MA 02458

The club will consist of two parts; an education portion & an exercise portion. For the education portion, each week the club will learn about a new wellness topic that will allow the athletes to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle outside the club. After each lesson the club will participate in the exercise portion, the primary exercise of the club is walking because of its low-impact nature and that it welcomes those of all fitness levels. Other exercises could include warm up, cool downs, core, stretching and balance exercises.

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Newton Fitness Club Registration Spring 2020