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Champions for 50 soccer player.Champions for 50:

Merrill Lynch & Erin Delahunty

Merrill Lynch and Erin Delahunty are Champions for 50. Erin is an accomplished Special Olympics athlete who competes in skiing, soccer, softball, and Unified track & field. Erin and her partners at Merrill Lynch are committed to providing even more opportunities to even more athletes through Special Olympics programming, right here in Massachusetts. As they both know, that will take resources. Merrill Lynch has committed to help build important financial resources through the Over the Edge fundraising event held in Boston. Each year 160 adventurous fundraisers – including Erin – rappel off the side of the Hyatt Regency in downtown Boston. With Merrill Lynch’s sponsorship and Erin’s bravery, the event will continue to provide athletic training and competition to more and more athletes each year.

In addition to the support to Over the Edge, Merrill Lynch and Erin will continue to spread the message of Inclusion. As a Special Olympics Global Messenger, Erin is given the opportunity to tell her story to Merrill Lynch employees, executives and members of her community. This outreach will provide the necessary human and community resources that a volunteer-based nonprofit requires. Together, they will ensure a bright future for more and more individuals with intellectual disabilities through the power of sport.


“It doesn’t matter if I get medals or ribbons, as long as I’m doing my best and supporting the team and practicing good sportsmanship,” Delahunty says.  She truly embraces the idea that athletics is about getting out there, having fun, and staying fit.  “As long as I do my best,” she says, “I’m happy.”

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