Unified Champion Schools Spirit Contest!

We have challenged all 100+ Unified Champion Schools in Massachusetts to show us their school spirit! Each school received two posters to proudly display, recognizing that they are a Unified Champion School. You can learn more about Unified Champion Schools on our website!

We received many fantastic entries, but had to choose just a few finalists. Now it’s your turn to choose our winning school! Visit our poll to cast your vote. You can vote once per day. The winning school will be announced on Monday October 28th, 2019 and will receive a pep rally kit!

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Auburn High School

Vote for Auburn!

Auburn High School

View Auburn’s Post!

Shrewsbury High School

Vote for Shrewsbury!

Shrewsbury High School

View Shrewsbury’s post!

Dartmouth High School

Vote for Dartmouth!


Dartmouth High School

View Dartmouth’s Post!

40 responses to “Unified Champion Schools Spirit Contest!”

  1. Rachel says:

    Go Dartmouth!

  2. Francine ODriscoll says:

    Go Dartmouth

  3. Suzanne Souza says:


  4. Susan Hauck says:

    This is wonderful! We didn’t have this at DHS when i was there…but that was “A thousand years ago” Lol!

  5. Robert Pereira says:

    Go Big Green Dartmouth High School

  6. Joyce Clough says:

    Go Dartmouth! You rock!

  7. Robert Secino says:

    I vote for Shrewsbury!

  8. Prasad says:

    Go Shrewsbury!

  9. Nick Chamberlain says:

    Go Dartmouth Green Unified

  10. yeet says:

    Shrewsbury is winning

  11. Nichole Daniel says:

    Go Dartmouth!

  12. Drew says:


  13. Chad Gray says:


  14. Anupam Bhowmik says:

    GO SHS!!!!!!!!!!

    Go COLONIALS!!!!!!!

  15. Abhijeet Nikte says:

    Shrewsbury is it!

  16. Debbie Martel says:

    Go SHS!!!

  17. Prasadm says:

    Go Shrewsbury high School!!!!

  18. David Orifici says:

    Colonials all the way!!! GO SHREWSBURY!!!!!

  19. Soumitra Roy says:

    Go Shrewsbury!

  20. Christine Oliveira says:

    GO DARTMOUTH!!!!!!!

  21. Tina Ramsey says:


  22. Steve Camp says:

    Lets Go Auburn Unified!!

  23. Tracy Antonio says:

    Go Dartmouth!!

  24. Lisa Cabral says:

    Go Dartmouth Pride!

  25. vaidyanathan alagappan says:

    Go SHS!!

  26. Hanna Sanders says:

    Go Auburn!!!!! I vote! :)

  27. Hanna Sanders says:

    Go Auburn!!! I vote :)

  28. Go Shrewsbury high school! Ur the best!

  29. Go Shrewsbury high school! Ur the best!

  30. Carmel says:

    Dartmouth and SHS you you guys rock ????

  31. Elisabeth Westerfeld says:

    go Dartmouth

  32. Arnav says:

    Go Shrewsbury High School

  33. Christopher Szal says:

    Go Shrewsbury!

  34. Lauren Dranchak says:

    Go Shrewsbury high!

  35. Hanna Sanders says:

    Let’s go! Woohoo! :)

  36. Darlene Parandelis says:

    Go Dartmouth

  37. Hanna says:

    Yahoooooo! Lets go!

  38. Aalia says:

    Go Shrewsbury