VIP Experience with Bank of America

The four Zamansky Brothers, Eric, Andrew, Alex and Noah are known for their successes on the Flag Football field, and Bank of America is doing their part to help the four be successful in the professional world as well.

On September 12, Bank of America offered the four brothers a day of professional development and career exploration followed by a Red Sox game. The brothers and Bank of America are Champions for 50 partners, a special partnership celebrating Special Olympics 50th Anniversary where organizations team up with athletes to raise money and awareness for Special Olympics Massachusetts. The brothers are also a part of the Haverhill Flag Football team that represented Massachusetts at USA Games in Seattle this past July.

Alex Zamansky explained their day at the Bank of America headquarters in Boston:

“The beginning of the tour started with the actual bank part of the business. They showed us all the interactions Bank of America has with their customers. The next part of the tour was the corporation part of Bank of America, and all I can say is that I found the corporation part way cooler. They first brought all four of us into this room with a bunch of cubicles where they showed us all the documents that come in, which they go through and approve them,” Alex explained.

“After that we were taken into a room where they taught us and gave us pointers on how to do a good interview, and what questions we should expect. Then we were taken into another room, where we were given information on how to draw up a really good resume and what we should include,” he said. “All four of us then had lunch, where we were met by the president of Bank of America.”

Next came everyone’s favorite part, the stocks.

“When we were finished with lunch he took us into a room where they work on stocks, and I will speak on behalf of all four of us that this part of the tour was our favorite part. They showed us a bunch of different stocks and showed us how they help a customer who is interested in investing in a stock,” Alex said.

Eric and Andrew agreed that seeing the stocks was exciting. Eric also added that he learned a lot about resume building.

They later attended a Red Sox game with their parents and Flag Football coach Jay Barnes, courtesy of Bank of America. They all enjoyed the Red Sox game, and said front row center Monster seats were amazing!

“All I can say is it was a great experience and that I learned a lot about Bank of America,” Alex added. “The day overall was amazing and a big thanks to Bank of America for giving us this opportunity.”


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