Stay Fit With SOMA! – Week of 4/27

This week’s theme is Strong Minds!

Every week we have been posting exercise videos, nutrition tips, and more on our blog to provide you with opportunities to stay fit and active even at home! This blog will focus on Strong Minds which is our Healthy Athlete discipline for emotional health. Strong Minds focuses on developing adaptive coping skills.

During times like this, many of us might feel overwhelmed or stressed out so its important we all take time to learn and practice different strategies that will help us cope with stress in a healthy way!

Below are tips for keeping a strong mind and the rest of the blog talks about strong mind strategies!


Take 5 with Strong Minds Strategies:

Fit 5 reminds us to drink 5 glasses of water, eat 5 servings of fruits/ vegetables and exercise 5 days a week. Just like Fit 5, this week we challenge you to TAKE 5 minutes every day and try one of the following Strong Mind strategies:

Use a Stress Ball.

Stress balls are a great tool to use to relieve some tension. If you don’t have a stress ball there are lots of different and easy ways to make one. This could be a fun project to do while you are staying home. The video below uses flour to make the stress ball but if you dont have flour try using these alternatives: rice, corn starch, or baking soda.

Do a Positive Messaging Activity

Think positive thoughts! This sounds simple, but it can make a big difference, putting positive messages into our thoughts can improve our confidence and ability to handle stress! Think about things that makes you happy such as sports, teammates, your family, friends, a pet, music, a favorite vacation spot, being outside, or going to the beach or the park! Here are some ways to help you think positive thoughts:

  • Try listening to music that makes you feel good! Put on a song that makes you feel good and powerful!
  • Look at a photo or picture of something that makes you happy! For a fun project create a miniature photo book that can carried around with you or a collage of things that make you happy.
  • Write it down! Sometimes it’s helpful to have a written list of encouraging statements you can read or look at. This list can act as an individual pep-talk to yourself. Take a moment to write down a few things you could say to yourself to stay positive and focused.

Do an activity you enjoy! 

Doing an activity you enjoy can help you feel better and relax.  Try one of the following activities for an extra relaxing activity:

  • Art – such as coloring books (they make them for adults too!), sand-art, clay, etc.
  • Music – such as listening to a piece of music, or exploring sounds made by different instruments or objects. Try filling several glasses with different amounts of water and tapping them with a spoon. This can promote exploration of sound in an interesting way.
  • Gardening – you don’t need a big yard to garden or even a yard at all! Those who live in apartments can still take part in gardening. All you need is a small plastic plant container, soil, and seeds of a hearty plant. Herbs such as basil, parsley or oregano don’t take up much room plus you can use the fresh herbs to cook with!
  • Positivity Mirrors- use small compact mirrors to state a positive message to yourself.

Do a deep Breathing Activity

The way we breathe impacts how calm or nervous we may feel. Breathing slowly and deeply and from the stomach has a self-calming effect. Try one of the following breathing exercises to discover how breathing is a powerful and portable tool that we can use anytime, anywhere to help ourselves feel better when we are nervous or stressed.

Try one of the following breathing exercises:

  • Starfish or 5-finger Breathing: As you breathe in and out, you trace around your fingers. On the in-breath, trace up the outside of your left pinky finger with your right index finger. On the out breath, trace down the other side. Repeat for the next four fingers. If you want – you can do all 10 fingers! Notice how you feel afterwards.
  • Hand on Heart: This exercise uses the heart as an anchor for mindful breathing. Put your hand over your heart. Notice the pressure of your hands on your chest. Feel your chest rising and falling as you breathe normally. Feel the rhythm of your breath for a few minutes.
  •  Or check out this 5 minute mindful breathing mediation video below:

Try yoga or stretching!

We hold tension and stress in our bodies and that we can release that tension by doing some simple stretches. We can use our bodies to help our minds feel better.  If you really like stretching try some yoga poses! Yoga combines physical poses, controlled breathing, and meditation  all things that will help reduce stress!


Exercise of the week – Warrior 2

We challenge you to take a video of you doing stretching, however is most comfortable for you, then post your video on social media using #StayFitWithSOMA. Tag a friend who you challenge!

Submit a photo or video of you doing squats and receive a free gift!

This weeks Kelly Phillips of Total Adaptive Fitness will be leading the live online fitness class via zoom at 3PM! Wear comfortable clothes and find a room with some space to work out. Don’t forget to have water available to rehydrate!

This week’s topic is Yoga and relaxation! 

Join us Wednesday at 3 p.m.!








At home yoga brought to you by Kelly Phillips of Totally Adaptive Fitness!



For more recipes, Commit To Stay Fit and check out the Nutrition Section of the dashboard!

Foods For Stress Relief

Some foods have vitamins and nutrients that help reduce stress! Check out this list below and find out what is special about these foods by reading the full article here.

  1. Nuts
  2. Red Peppers
  3. Salmon
  4. Spinach
  5. Oatmeal
  6. Dark Chocolate
  7. Herbal tea

Fit 5

Make sure to get moving this week!  Exercise can help reduce stress, improve mental and physical health!

Did you know that exercise and other physical activity produce endorphins—chemicals in the brain that provides happy feelings—and also improve the ability to sleep, which in turn reduces stress.

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