Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning Program

Compete. Train. Repeat

Strength & Conditioning is a program that allows participants to select a handful of exercises they will focus on for training and compete against other participants over the course of a pre-determined season length.  Our goal is to have athletes challenge themselves and improve their fitness so that it will translate  onto the playing field.


Participants select any 7 exercises from the Fitness List below. These exercises require little to no equipment, so they can be done at home or at a practice

Each participants must train and compete in the same 7 exercises over the course of the season.  Athletes are trying to receive as many points as possible. Points are awarded to each athlete that improves their score! Points are given based on %improvement.

** A score:  number of repetition or elapsed time for that selected exercise


(For those completing the @home Strength & Conditioning Challenge this is the time-line for the 7 exercises, not for the calendar portion of the challenge). This is the timeline that coaches should also submit their team scores. 

  • January 29th (Baseline Scores)
  •  February 26th (Mid-Season Score)
  •  March 26th (End of Season Score)

How it Works:

There are 3 separate “events” throughout the season where scores/ recordings of the 7 exercises will be taken and submitted for each athlete participating: Baseline Event, Mid-season Event , End of Season​ Event

  • Baseline Event: Scores at the beginning of the season
  • Mid-season Event: Scores taken halfway through the season
  • End of season Event: Last scores of the program, taken on the last practice.

The goal is that athletes will try to improve their score from the baseline event to the mid season event. Athletes will then again try to improve their score from the mid-season event at the end of the season event. Points are awarded to the individual based on % improvement from​:

  • Baseline score -> mid-season score​
  • Mid-season score -> end of season​ score

Submitting Scores:

Individuals: can write their scores on the calendar for that month and submit the scores when you submit the calendar

Coaches: that are doing strength and conditioning with a team can submit a team roster with corresponding scores. Coaches can either submit team scores 3 separate times, after each event (baseline, mid-season and end of season scores are taken) or submit all of the scores at the end of the season. 

Season Format:

Week 1: Baseline Scores

Week 2-3: Train

Week 4: Mid Season Score

Week 5-6 : Train

Week 8: End of Season Score

Exercises & Instructions:


To learn more about how to record each exercise, equipment needs for each exercise, and some reminders about how points are given- check out the handbook Strength & Conditioning Handbook

For other exercises that you can do for an at home workout check out Fit 5. For those completing the Calendar portion, there are a few workouts that have exercises in them from Fit 5.

Instructional Video:

Check out our Youtube Playlist to learn how to perform each exercise or learn how to take score of each exercise!

Score Sheet:

Made to help an individual keep score of their 7 exercises. Download the spreadsheet and save to your computer.

Scoresheet for Strength & Conditioning