Tournament of Champions 2020

This year due to COVID-19 our season ending Summer tournament, traditionally known as Tournament of Champions, will look a little different. Single day competition will be held for the sports of cycling, bocce and golf. Unfortunately there will not be a dance or any large group gatherings.

Athletes will be screened upon arrival and required to wear masks when not competing. Food will not be provided and athletes are expected to bring their own water. For detailed information about each sport please see the sections below.

Learn more about our Return to Play Guidelines. 


Date: August 22nd

Location: Forekicks (Forest St. Marlborough, MA)

Learn more about the Bocce Tournament


Date: August 22nd

Location: Marlborough Hills (Forest St. Marlborough, MA)

Learn more about the Cycling Meet


Date: August 22nd

Location: Stow Acres (Stow, MA)

Learn more about the Golf Tournament

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