Doreen Britton: Heart & Passion

By Lindsay Gomes

DoreenAs an active volunteer with over a decade’s experience, Doreen Britton will be joining the Special Olympics Massachusetts Falmouth Road Race team. This year Doreen’s fundraising goal is set at $1,000. She hopes to achieve this goal by reaching out to friends and family. Special Olympics Massachusets’ recently set up an interview with her to learn more about her history with the Falmouth Road Race and Special Olympics.

Special Olympics Massachusetts (SOMA) – Tell me a little about your history with Special Olympics – how did you first get involved? Have you volunteered at any Special Olympics Events?

Doreen Britton (D.B.) – I first began with Special Olympics about 12 years ago working in the Hyannis office with Kevin Turner. He and I organized and ran the first Jolly Jaunt in Hyannis with, I think, 63 runners. Since then I coached bowling and track for 3 years. Over the years, I have volunteered at many events but my favorite is the track and field competition at Barnstable high school.
SOMA – Would you consider yourself to be a runner? What other races have you participated in?

D.B. – I began running as part of a relay team when I attended Barnstable high school. I have done several Triathlons and numerous 5ks over the years. This will be my 3rd time running Falmouth. I have run for local causes. Yes, I consider myself a runner.

SOMA – Do you plan on participating in any other races for the Special Olympics in the future?

D.B. – Absolutely! I run the jolly jaunt every year!

SOMA – Why would you like to continue running and supporting the Special Olympics? What does this organization mean to you?

D.B. – As a special education teacher, the Special Olympics provides opportunities for people with disabilities to be successful in athletic ventures. It is so important for these athletes to experience that feeling and to be part of a team.

SOMA – Do you believe more people should become more involved with the Special Olympics?

D.B. – Yes. People need to see and experience not only the struggles of our athletes but the heart and passion they have to compete. The willingness to try things outside their comfort zone with the support of Special Olympics volunteers shows what these athletes are made of. More people need to understand how they want to compete and be like their non-disabled peers.

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