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Recap: Junes Wellness Topic > Eliminate (added) Sugar.

In case you missed last months blog post, we talked about just why the word added is important, exactly just how bad sugar is for you and why its so hard to eliminate it.

The word added when talking about sugar is important because some foods that have sugar in it also have other health benefits therefore we don’t want to eliminate them. A good example of this would be apples and grapes.  The difference between eating a candy bar and an apple or grape is that the fruit is made up of natural sugar meaning it is a healthier sugar compared to the processed candy bar. Both fruits also have other health benefits where the candy bar has no nutritional value and is what we call empty calories meaning our bodies can’t use the energy from that food. Overtime empty calories lead to weight gain and obesity.

Consuming all this added sugar can lead to weight gain, low energy, diabetes, wrinkles, acne, heart disease, tooth decay, and a weekend immune system. However, eliminating sugar is hard because of the cycle that it puts you in. When an individual consumes sugar your blood sugar level spike then rapidly falls which causes increased appetite and cravings leading them wanting more sugar.

So, what can you do?  Slowly try eliminating the added sugar you consume.  Pick one item that has added sugar and replace it with something healthier. For example, if you are craving a sweet try eating fruit rather than a candy bar!

July’s Wellness Goal: Recruit a Family Member or Friend.

Working out, eating healthy and changing a habit can be difficult but recruiting a friend of family member can make it that much more enjoyable! Here are some reasons why you should recruit a friend to join you on your new wellness journey!

  • It’s more fun to exercise with someone >> When you are working out with a fitness buddy you are less likely to get bored! You can catch up with each other and pass the time quickly all while getting healthier.
  • You are more likely to stick to your commitment >> It’s a great idea to have another person hold you accountable for your workout. Your less likely to cancel a workout if you already made plans with a friend to meet them there-not wanting to let down your fitness buddy down is great motivation. Not to mention if your having a day where you don’t necessarily feel like exercising your fitness buddy will be there to give you a pep talk.
  • Your more likely to succeed >>Research has shown that having someone to motivate you can make all the difference, in fact, one study found that an individual is more likely to lose weight if their fitness buddy is also losing weight.
  • You’ll work harder >>When you have a friend around (someone who is at the same fitness level as you) you are more likely to encourage each other and push each other a little harder. When your ready to give up during your workout the sight of your fitness buddy powering on might just be what you need to keep going.
  • New ideas  >> Changing your fitness routine is always a good idea, your fitness buddy might have some new exercises that you didn’t know about.

This doesn’t stop at working out, recruit this person to also eat healthier with you! It’s easier to stick to your fitness routine if your friends workout with you, but eating healthy is another whole challenge.  As a society we cherish going out to dinner and conversing over a good meal. Our holidays are focused around the food that we prepare. If your friends or family don’t have the same health goals sticking to your goal of healthy eating can be difficult.

Recruiting a friend of family member to join your healthy eating goal doesn’t mean they have to give up good food. Having this goal together can provide lots of new and exciting discoveries. Instead of going out to dinner you both pick a recipe and try to cook it. There are loads of healthy but delicious recipes out there. Cooking the new recipes will be half the fun, then once the meal is finished you both can enjoy the meal guilt free. If you do decide to go out, now you both can pick a healthier meal from the menu rather than being tempted to order something unhealthy.

Try this easy healthy delicious summer Chicken & Summer Vegetable Tostadas recipe!


12 Months of Wellness

Next Months Wellness Goals:  Recruit a Family Member

JanuaryStart Moving
FebruaryAdd Water
MarchPlant/ Try Gardening
AprilEat Better
MayQuit A Bad Habit
JuneTry to Eliminate Sugar
JulyRecruit a Family Member
SeptemberConnect with nature
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NovemberCold Season Ready
DecemberEnjoy the season & Reflect


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