Lauren & Matthew Murphy: Running Together

Murphy 2After joining the Special Olympics Massachusetts board of Directors in 2014, Lauren Murphy found herself wanting to become more involved with all that Special Olympics Massachusetts has to offer. Lauren and her husband have a summer home in Falmouth and family in the area so the Falmouth Road Race seemed like the perfect opportunity. This year, Lauren and her husband, Matthew, will be running together in the 2016 Falmouth Road Race for the Special Olympics Massachusetts team.

Lauren first became involved with Special Olympics Massachusetts during her time as an undergrad student at Babson College. During this time, Lauren was matched with Special Olympics Massachusetts for an MBA program that involved her shadowing the board while acting as an intern.

As someone who taught swimming to children with a wide range of abilities for ten years, it seemed to be a perfect fit. After her experience working with the board, she not only wanted to become a part of it, but also wanted to interact more with the athletes themselves.

In 2013, Lauren joined the unified sailing team where she got to know the athletes on a more personal level. Matthew also participated as a volunteer.

“The opportunities to interact with the athletes and their families are so amazing. I try to do anything I can to support the athletes and their families. It’s what I’m there for”, said Matthew.

This will be the first time Lauren and Matthew will be running for a cause together, but not their first time running the Falmouth Road Race. Lauren has participated in the race ever since high school and Matthew has run it twice.


“I have run the Falmouth Road Race for years as my family has a home in Falmouth. We go each year – some of us running and some of us cheering!” said Lauren.
Matthew was always an athlete and played sports throughout high school, but it wasn’t until after college when he took on running as a hobby. He has run the Boston marathon twice. In 2012, he ran for Mass General Kids Fighting Cancer and in 2014 for Survivors which supported all those who were injured in the Boston Marathon Bombing. He specifically ran to raise money for Roseann Sdoia who lost her leg in the bombing.

This past year Lauren and Matthew welcomed their first child which has given them a lot to focus on outside of Special Olympics Massachusetts. They decided that the Falmouth Road Race is the perfect opportunity for the couple to re-connect and give back to an organization that has impacted both of their lives.

“It’s a privilege to be involved with the athletes. They are remarkable and phenomenal people”, said Lauren as she reflects on her past experiences with her unified sailing team.
This year Lauren is running to educate her network. She hopes to make them more aware that Special Olympics is not a onetime event and to gain more awareness of its mission.
Matthew has dedicated his time to not only support his wife, but to get to know the athletes better.

This year Lauren and Matthew have a combined fundraising goal of $3,000. They hope to achieve this goal by utilizing social media and by writing personal letters to family and friends.
The couple is very excited to be a part of the Special Olympics Falmouth Road Race Team.

Make sure to keep an eye out for both Lauren and Matthew as they enter their first race for the Special Olympics together. Good Luck Lauren and Matthew!


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