Meet Two Time Xtra Mile Boston Marathon Runner Bethany Bergeron!

Meet the 2018 Xtra Mile Boston Marathon Team helping us to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Special Olympics Movement by running 26.2 miles for inclusion!

Bethany Bergeron is just one runner of our 26 member Boston Marathon team who’s not only making a difference for in the lives of our athletes in 2018, but will have a lasting impact on Special Olympics Massachusetts that will help our movement and organization continue to support the athletes of today and tomorrow as we look forward towards the next 50 years of sports opportunities and inclusion!

Read on to learn more about Bethany!

Where did you grow up? “I grew up in Natick, Massachusetts.”

Do you have any connection to Boston – If so, tell me about it (i.e. from Boston, moved for school or a job, or just want to run!)  “Growing up in Natick, I have been watching the Boston Marathon since I was a little girl.  I have always enjoyed running and participated in track at Natick High School.  I have always dreamed of running Boston and wondered if I would ever actually do it- last year I proved to myself that I could!  I am excited to be running again.  Last year was one of the best experiences of my life!”

What do you do for work? How does this influence your experience with Special Olympics? “I have been a kindergarten teacher for 13 years.  I started teaching in Brookline and currently work in Wellesley.  I have always worked in an inclusive classroom with students with a variety of needs.”

How did you get involved with Special Olympics? “I was always aware that the organization existed but didn’t know a lot about it.  When trying to get a number for Boston last year, I was able to gain more knowledge about it’s wonderful opportunities for children and its mission.  In learning about it, I wanted to support this great cause.”

If you were on our Boston Marathon team in the past (or if you ran another race as a member of the Xtra Mile), Please share your experiences. “Running the marathon and raising money for SOMA one of the most amazing experiences in my life.  I am amazed by how generous people are and how supportive they can be.”

Do you have a motto? “Different sayings resonate with me at different phases of my life.  Last year, weeks before the race, I found a quote that still stands out in my mind – “the body achieves what the mind believes.”  Running is such a mental support and I have to both mentally and physically prepare for the marathon.”

What motivates you to go running when you really don’t feel like it? “Good music, reminder that I always feel better once I’ve run!”

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