MLS All-Star Week Day 3: Adventuring & Chipotle Game

MLS All-Star Week day number three began with an entire morning free, and the Special Olympics Massachusetts crew decided to use that time to explore. They decided to ditch any maps and just go for a walk, not knowing what they’d find. This adventure led to stumbling upon the San Jose University Campus, which was beautiful and made for a beautiful early morning stroll. Next, the crew walked to a nearby park, which had held the “Men in Blazers’ show the previous night. There were some MLS signs and advertisements as well as a giant soccer ball still inhabiting the park, so James and Julia decided to take a break and have a quick photo op. IMG_6516


After this photo was taken James, now also known as “Dab Goalie”, made time in his busy schedule to be interviewed yet again. (follow us on Twitter to see some of his interviews! @SpOlympicsMA) He talked about how it felt to win the East vs. West Unified Match, what he was looking forward to the rest of the week, and his experience thus far in San Jose! “It was a dream come true. It was really awesome playing for the Eastern conference.”

Post-interview all three Keith kids jumped in the hotel pool before getting ready for the afternoon event: a clinic hosted by San Jose’s home team, the Earthquakes. The entire Special Olympics group of athletes, partners, and coaches arrived at a local school and got to work. They stretched out and worked on some core strength, before beginning their stations.

MLS Nikon - 39 MLS Nikon - 37 MLS Nikon - 43MLS Nikon - 63


MLS Nikon - 59 MLS Nikon - 67

MLS Nikon - 49MLS Nikon - 69



MLS Nikon - 52








Last on the schedule for day #3: the Chipotle Game at Avaya Stadium. The entire group of Unified players, coaches, and crew scored a sweet suite to watch the game from, complete with delicious food. It was an intense match between MLS Homegrown and Mexico U-20. After a good fight, the MLS Homegrown team was defeated 0-2.MLS Nikon - 83 MLS Nikon - 74 MLS Nikon - 79 MLS Nikon - 81


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