MVC Unified Basketball – Week One Recap

The Merrimack Valley Conference’s inaugural week of Unified Basketball competition was a smashing success by all accounts. Thanks very much to Andover, Billerica, Haverhill, Methuen, North Andover, and Tewksbury High Schools for taking on this project and being leaders in school/sports inclusion. Special kudos to Tewksbury High and North Andover High for hosting incredible kick-off events. Without further ado, onto the superlatives…

Trail Blazers

Congratulations to Wilmelys Villa of Methuen High for the first-ever basket in MVC Unified Basketball history!

Congrats also to Glen Middleton-Cox for the first unified basket in North Andover History:


#11 looks like the number to have for offensive fire-power. #11 on both Haverhill and Billerica each made tons of shots from all over the floor. They are players to watch throughout the season.

Athletic Director Leadership

They say good leadership is about finding the right people to lead your teams. In this case the MVC Athletic Directors knocked it out-of-the-park with hiring the right coaches. Each coach from the 6 schools exhibited all the great competencies and characteristics necessary to lead a quality unified sports program. Enthusiasm, great communication ability, basketball knowledge, and many other skills were on full display by all of the great coaches.


Unofficially, and with room for error, as best we can tell, team records coming out of the opening games are as follows…

Haverhill: 2-0
Billerica A (Billerica divided their GREAT large group into two teams): 2-0
Billerica B: 1-1
Methuen: 1-1
Tewksbury: 1-1
Andover: 1-1
North Andover 0-2

Hosts With The Most

Tewksbury and North Andover were incredible hosts. Tewksbury ran a very smooth event with great student score-keepers as well as volunteer referees from the Tewksbury basketball program. We can’t wait for the season-closing event at Tewksbury as well. Thanks again to Athletic Director Ron Druin for the enthusiastic leadership.

North Andover High went above-and-beyond by engaging the entire community. Thanks to the leadership of Steve Nugent, Laura Habacker and NAHS student Bella Feng, the event unified the town. Present and involved were North Andover Police, North Andover Fire (and their Color Guard), NA High cheerleaders and the school’s pep band. Additionally there were hundreds of students and familiy members in the crowd throughout the day.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to The Tower Foundation and The Cummings Foundation for support of Unified Sports in Essex and Middlesex Counties!

More to Come

OK enough writing. Once again thanks so much to the Athletic Directots of all six high schools and all of the great people in each school community who are making this go. Looking forward to a great season.

Last thing… Here are team photos for each team:

Andover High Unified B-Ball 2017

Billerica High Unified B-Ball 2017

Haverhill High Unified B-Ball 2017

Methuen High Unified B-Ball 2017

North Andover High Unified B-Ball 2017

Tewksbury High Unified B-ball 2017

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