Return to Play Activities Leaderboard 10/30/2020

Although not every sport and activity is possible right now due to Covid-19, teams and individual athletes have the opportunity to participate in Return to Play Challenges from home.

Check out the weekly leaderboard of participants below who have submitted results for the July through November Return to Play Challenge!

Leaderboard will be updated every Friday as we receive new submissions. Results can be sent directly to Ops@SpecialOlympicsMA.org, or through the Return to Play Online Submission Form.

Participants can submit results as frequently or infrequently as they want. The challenge will end on November 30th.

Top 10:

  1. Natesha Connor – 2356 points
  2. George J Davis, Jr. – 2047 points
  3. Heather St. Germain – 2028 points
  4. Bernard Robinson – 2027 points
  5. Maria Robinson – 2025 points
  6. Matthew Army – 1878 points
  7. Lauren Grenoske – 1740 points
  8. Laurene Rice – 1705 points
  9. Emily Carey – 1551 points
  10. Robert Spencer – 1115 points

Check out the full leaderboard!

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