Stay Fit with SOMA 6/8

This week’s theme is Fit 5!

Every week we have been posting exercise videos, nutrition tips, and more on our blog to provide you with opportunities to stay fit and active even at home! This blog will focus on Fit 5!

What is Fit 5?

  • Fit 5 is a guide that will help you as athletes achieve your personal best in 3 categories: fitness, health, sport performance by learning about exercise, nutrition and hydration.

What is a goal?

  • Something you work hard to achieve or accomplish

What are Fit 5 Goals?

Track your goals with a tracker!

You can find this tracker and a PDF of Fit 5 here. Videos demonstrations of Fit 5 level 1 exercises can be found here.

Although we cant be together, practicing or competing in our summer sports, Fit 5 is a great alternative program to run virtually! Coaches who are interested in having their team enlist in a Fit 5 program contact Vicky at Vicky.dinatale@specialolympicsma.org

For more about exercise, nutrition and hydration, Commit To Stay Fit!


Wear comfortable clothes and find a room with some space to work out. Don’t forget to have water available to rehydrate!

  • THIS WEEK: Kelly Phillips from Totally Adaptive Fitness will be hosting the workout this week! Kelly teaches Adaptive Refleksiv Yoga, Laughter Yoga and Pound! Tune in to see what this week will be!

Join us Wednesday at 3 p.m.!

Upcoming Live Online Fitness

  • Wednesday, June 10th 3PM: Kelly Phillips will take over our Wednesday Live Fitness Again!
  • Wednesday, June 17th 3PM: Kelly Phillips will take over our Wednesday Live Fitness Again!
  • Wednesday, June 24th 3PM: Michaela Mazure will leading this Fitness Class. Check next weeks blog to learn more about the type of class!

Why you should Commit to Stay Fit with SOMA:

  1. Access to our athlete fitness dashboard
  2. Weekly email with the blog of the week and info on live fitness class
  3. Daily wellness goals
  4. Nutrition tips and recipes
  5. Winner of the week giveaway!

Commit to Stay Fit!

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