Stay Fit With Soma 8/24

This week’s theme is Healthy Breakfast Options!

Every week we post exercise videos, nutrition tips, and more on our blog to provide you with opportunities to stay fit and active even at home! This video blog will focus on 6 great foods to for Breakfast!

It’s recommended to consume a full meal with  whole grain, lean protein, low fat dairy, fruits and vegetables! Breakfast gives you a chance to start each day with a healthy and nutritious meal.

Adults who report regularly eating a healthy breakfast are more likely to:

  • Eat more vitamins and minerals
  • Control their weight
  • Control their blood sugar levels
  • Perform better at work

Children who regularly eat a healthy breakfast are more likely to:

  • Meet daily nutrient requirements
  • Be at a healthy body weight
  • Be able to concentrate
  • Miss fewer days of school

Healthy Breakfast Recipes Ideas

  • Breakfast Burritos- These make for a hand-held, vegetable-packed way start to your day. Add a pinch of salsa for some more flavor.
  • The New Avocado ToastSkip the bread.  Take half an avocado and top it with crispy garlic breadcrumbs then top it with a perfect fried egg.
  • Veggie-Packed FrittataMake this satisfying egg dish for an easy on-the-go breakfast. It’s packed with veggies and can be stored in the fridge for the week. Eat it hot or cold, depending on how much time you have.
  • Collard Burrito- Collards are key to these paleo-friendly breakfast wraps: bacon, eggs and a fresh avocado salsa (think salsa meets gauc) are wrapped up in tender collard leaves, which can be prepped a day in advance.
  • Chia Seed PuddingFor a quick on the go, easy to prep the night before chia seed pudding is for you!  Add a pinch of organic maple syrup for a little bit of sweet.
  • Whole-Wheat Apple Pancakes– Start your day full of whole grains and fresh fruit!
  • No Cook- Blueberry Almond Oatmeal– Perfect for the crisp mornings as we head into the fall! Throw together this healthy oatmeal the night before and enjoy it the next morning. We love it cold, but if you prefer a little warmth, remove the lid and microwave the oatmeal until hot, about 1 minute.- One slice of whole grain bread is an excellent source of carbs. Maybe add a hard-boiled egg for a protein-rich meal before a morning workout.

Comment down below! What do you like to eat before practice or a workout?

Live Fitness this week (8/26): This week join Camden’s soccer skills session this Wednesday!

Camden’s Soccer Skills Session (8/19): ATTENTION all soccer players and fans! Camden, one of our volunteers, will be running a soccer focused skill & fitness session. The session will include a 5 minute warm up, 10 minute soccer skills (including fitness), 5 minute cool down and then a 10 minute Q&A/ live chat with Camden about soccer.. Click here for zoom link

Camden Francis’s Bio

Camden is 16 years old and lives in Sudbury, Massachusetts. He is a junior at Concord Academy, an independent college preparatory school in Concord, Massachusetts. Camden is a multi-sport varsity athlete and was a member of his school’s first state soccer championship last season. He is also a member of the lacrosse team. Camden is extremely kind, studious, hard-working, and supportive. He has previously volunteered with the Special Olympics as he enjoys working with and teaching young athletes. Camden also volunteered at the Concord Senior Center and numerous local food pantries and food banks. He recently began writing a monthly letter to seniors in the local Meals-on-Wheels program. When not busy with school and sports, Camden enjoys spending time with his loving family, bubbly friends, and Brooklyn, his energetic and mischievous Goldendoodle puppy.

Looking Ahead! Join us for our Brave Yoga- A Unified Virtual Yoga Program Coming This October! Check out the program’s page here  for more information about the program and to register! During this program, individuals will experience a relaxing but fun yoga class as well as tools for mindful breathing and stress reducing techniques.

For ideas on how to stay active this week, commit to stay fit! You’ll get access to great exercises and tips!

Why you should Commit to Stay Fit with SOMA:

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