Summer Games Health & Wellness Highlights, Summer Wellness Resources

In case you didn’t get the chance to attend this year’s Summer Games at Harvard Stadium we are going to recap all the health and wellness we had going on this weekend. Ill also provide all the other health and wellness resources we have available outside of summer games.



Healthy Athlete Screenings


For those of you who don’t know what Healthy Athletes is, it’s a program that was created to offer free health screenings to Special Olympics athletes.

Returning year after year to provide dental screenings we had our Special Smiles team!

Special Smiles offers free dental screenings for athletes, family members and unified partners. If you attended Summer Games but didn’t get the chance to go through a screening, not to worry they return every year for summer games! Located at Harvard, our Special Smile’s team screened about 100 athletes. We had volunteer dental students from Harvard, BU, Tufts, and MCPHS!

After a small hiatus we were happy to welcome back Opening Eyes!

Opening Eyes offers athletes with a free eye exam. Our Opening Eye’s team screened 63 athletes, and 26 of those were referred for comprehensive care in their communities.  Out of the 21 volunteers they had 17 Optometry students, and 4 Optometrists.

Wellness Stations

New to Summer Games, this year we had our first ever wellness stations. There were 3 wellness stations and each station focused on a different topic. The topics this year included fitness, hydration & nutrition. The wellness stations were held Saturday at Harvard and BU.

The nutrition station consisted of handouts and an activity that had athletes put food in the correct category: green for go, yellow for slow and red is for whoa! The activity was meant to teach us what foods we can eat with no limit (green), what foods to eat with limit (yellow) and what foods we should eat only once in a while (red).

At the hydration station we had handouts, cucumber and lemon infused water, and a rethink your drink activity. The rethink your drink activity shows how much sugar our favorite drinks contain and we then have to decide what the beverages you can drink all the time, what beverages you can enjoy sometimes and what beverages to stay away from (just like the nutrition activity).

At the fitness station at Harvard, Kelly Phillips (of Kp-Fit) and Krystal Say (of Sweat Power Yoga) hosted TRX demonstrations. At BU we held warm up and stretching demonstrations!

New this year we also added a “passport” to the back of each athletes/coaches name tag/credentials. These passports consisted of 4 circles one for the three wellness station and 1 for healthy athletes. If an athlete or coach hit all stations they would be able to collect a prize.

At BU swimming we also had the pleasure of having OptiNeeds, which is a nonprofit organization that provides prescription athletic eyewear and related products to people with special needs for free. At Summer Games they gave out almost 250 goggles and goggle straps!

Other Health & Wellness Resources Available

Gyn clinic for adults with intellectual Disabilities :


Fit 5


Join one of our many fitness programs!  For more information about the program click on the link.

  1. Worcester State : https://www.specialolympicsma.org/worcester-state-open-house/
  2. Hiking Club: https://www.specialolympicsma.org/western-ma-hiking-club/
  3. Anytime Fitness
    1. Northampton MA: https://www.specialolympicsma.org/anytime-fitness-northampton-ma/
    2. Clinton MA: https://www.specialolympicsma.org/anytime-fitness-clinton-ma/
  4. Walking & Running Club @Yawkey Training Center: https://www.specialolympicsma.org/walking-running-club-the-yawkey/

To find out if there is a fitness program in your area email Vicky at Vicky.dinatale@specialolympicsma.org

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