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The athletes of Special Olympics dedicate themselves to athletic excellence. The Xtra Mile community uses that same dedication to share inclusion with the endurance sports world through running and cycling events. Set a goal of completing your next race and supporting the idea that inclusion means everyone deserves to set personal athletic goals.

Special Olympics of Massachusetts Hall of Fame 2023
About Xtra Mile

Create a community where opportunities are not limited by disabilities

Run, cycle, or compete in a triathlon to support Special Olympics Massachusetts while striving to attain your personal best with other members of the Xtra Mile community. Your fundraising will help to provide year-round athletic training and sports competitions for individuals with intellectual disabilities throughout the state of Massachusetts, while you discover new levels of strength, endurance, and performance.

The Xtra Mile community has access to some of the biggest endurance fundraising events including the Boston Marathon, B.A.A. 5K, Falmouth Road Race, and the New York City Marathon. You can also register for your favorite race and Special Olympics Massachusetts will provide resources to help you reach your training and fundraising goals.


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Xtra mile

Upcoming Events

2024 ASICS Falmouth Road Race
Start date:
August 18, 2024
End date:
August 18, 2024
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2024 Ride COVAC for SOMA
Start date:
September 8, 2024
End date:
September 9, 2024
33 Main Street
View full details
2024 TCS New York City Marathon
Start date:
November 3, 2024
End date:
November 4, 2024
Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island
New York
View full details

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Cycling for a Cause: Anne Marie Salvon Pedals the Xtra Mile for Special Olympics MA

Anne Marie Salvon pedals for a purpose with Kevin’s Krewe, fundraising for Special Olympics MA as part of the Xtra Mile. Their impact extends beyond dollars, fostering inclusion and inspiring others to embrace compassion.

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