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Health & Fitness

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Health & fitness

Supporting Healthier Athletes

At Special Olympics Massachusetts we are all about helping athletes be their best. While athletes train and compete with their teams at different times throughout the year, there are a ton of health and fitness programs and resources to help athletes in-season and between sports. Resources include:

  • Healthy food options
  • Fitness training at home
  • Team-based fitness and wellness programs
  • Healthy athlete screenings
  • Fitness, walking, hiking, and other clubs
health & fitness

Become your best self.

Harness the power of holistic wellness with these tools designed to help you nurture your body, mind and spirit, unlocking the key to long-lasting health and fulfillment.

Fitness Jumping Rope

Competition Readiness

Tips, tricks, and sport-specific exercises to prepare you for your next competition!

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Self Care and Mental Health

Game Day Minds

Techniques to help lower stress and make sure you mental health is on point.

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Fitness Dumbbell Lift


Exercises to help you stay in shape during the on and off season so you can perform your best.

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Bowl of Food


Recipes, tips, and habits that will help you make healthy choices every day!

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Health & Fitness Opportunities

Our programs cater to diverse abilities and interests, ensuring that every athlete can thrive and reach their personal goals.

More ways to stay healthy

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B-Fit Series

With the help of our partners at the Boston Bruins Foundation and their BFit program, we have expanded our fitness offerings and created a video series of training tips and easy exercises for athletes to try at home.

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Fitness Dashboard

From healthy eating habits to breathing strategies to help mental health our dashboard offers a variety of resources to help you maintain your health, on and off the field.


Fit-5 Guide

Fit 5 is based on the three simple goals of exercising 5 days per week, eating 5 total fruits and vegetables per day and drinking 5 water bottles of water per day to help you be your best self.