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Here’s your chance: bring inclusion to your community by coaching with Special Olympics in your city or town. Do you have what it takes to have fun, make new friends and share the joy of sports with your team?

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Special Olympics coaches, find the rewards go far beyond the finish line. Helping athletes expand their skills, grown in self-worth, express their courage, and realize their capacity to grow is what drives us. Coaching is one of the most important and rewarding volunteer roles in the organization. Over 1,600 men and women in Massachusetts have discovered the joy that coaching a special Olympics team can inspire and they are always looking to expand their ranks.  

Unlocking Your Potential: Becoming a Special Olympics Coach

When you sign up to become a coach, you will learn inclusive coaching techniques, and acquire valuable strategies for creating a positive and inclusive sports environment. We provide comprehensive training in a wide range of sports disciplines, enabling you to choose the area in which you are most passionate and experienced. Whether you are a seasoned coach or new to the field, Special Olympics offers ongoing support and networking opportunities, ensuring you have the tools and community to make a lasting impact on the lives of these remarkable athletes.

Stories From The Field

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Meet the 2024 Hall of Fame Class: George Coffey

George Coffey, pillar of Whitman Hanson Special Olympics, honored in Special Olympics MA Hall of Fame. With 35+ years coaching, George's passion and humor enrich athletes' lives and fosters community support.

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Meet the 2024 Hall of Fame Class: Jay Barnes

Jay Barnes, heart of Haverhill's Special Olympics, honored into Special Olympics MA Hall of Fame. Dedicated to athletes and son Christopher's legacy, Jay inspires with love and leadership, raising community spirits and achievements.

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Dorchester resident Mark Casey helps grow Special Olympics programs in Boston

Mark Casey coaches the Dorchester Blue Devils basketball team, where he promotes inclusivity and works to expand Special Olympics programs in and around Boston.


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