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a volunteer hugs an athlete

“It’s one of the volunteer roles that you do that you get to be really hands-on. You’re helping the athletes. You see the athletes come with their medals and they’re so proud. You can go from one event to another and the athletes remember you personally. It’s the best group of people. It’s just awesome! It’ll change your heart forever. You’re gonna get hooked.” – Karen, a longtime volunteer


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Volunteers are the backbone of Special Olympics Massachusetts, helping the organization to offer sports training and competition to over 14,000 athletes and Unified Partners in the state of Massachusetts on a year-round basis.

This assistance ultimately helps individuals with intellectual disabilities develop into healthy and health-conscious athletes. Special Olympics Massachusetts could not operate without the tremendous support of our many dedicated volunteers.

Special Olympics Massachusetts volunteers are generous, impactful people who are building sustainable communities of acceptance and inclusion. Through the action of each volunteer, more athletes are training, competing, and experiencing the joy of high quality sports.

Volunteers include students, business people, family members of athletes, corporate teams, civic groups, and many others. These individuals and groups fill a wide variety of roles within Special Olympics Massachusetts through coaching, as members of event planning committees, by fundraising, as timekeepers, officials, and special events volunteers, at local, regional, and state-wide events.

The best way to keep informed and learn about volunteer opportunities is by signing up for our Volunteer Newsletter. This monthly newsletter lists all current opportunities, describes current volunteers and their roles, and provides information on other Special Olympics Massachusetts programs.