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Champions for 50:

The Leschly Family and the Weston Young Athlete Program

Although the Leschly family has been involved with Special Olympics through the Bio-Ball event each year, they have taken the 50th anniversary to deepen their impact. The Leschly Family and the Weston Young Athletes Program are champions for 50. Family involvement was the most important aspect when choosing an initiative to champion and the Leschly family has chosen to support Special Olympics Young Athletes – children ages 2-7 with intellectual disabilities. The program is an active play program designed to improve motor function, provide social interaction, and launch each child into a healthy fulfilling life. Jayme, Kayla and Luca Leschly started the Weston program from scratch and have built a model for other communities to follow. Each week in the fall and spring, they gather at Weston Field School and volunteer to coach and connect with the children. For many of these athletes, this is their first opportunity to be included in any active group activities. In addition, the Leschly family has taken their expertise and love of tennis and helped organize the tennis skills competition at summer games.

Because of their commitment, the Leschly family is setting up the next generation of Special Olympics athletes for success. More children and families will have the resources to connect with and remain active members of the Special Olympics community throughout their lives.