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Champions for 50:

OutFront Media & Aaron Allen

OutFront Media and Aaron Allen are Champions for 50. Aaron, an athlete who competes year-round in basketball, softball, and soccer with the LIFE program in Plymouth will partner with OutFront, who has become the number one advertising partner of Special Olympics Massachusetts by highlighting athletes and the mission through local billboard campaigns. Together they will increase public awareness of Special Olympics programming in Massachusetts.

Since 2016, OutFront has donated nearly $500,000 worth of advertising to get the word out using their inventory of billboards, bus banners, MBTA signage, and street level posters throughout downtown and greater Boston. This awareness building will help recruit the athletes, volunteers, and donors needed to increase athletic opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities. The more people know about athletes like Aaron, who has competed locally, at USA Games, at World Games, as a member of the New England Revolution Unified team, and in the MLS Unified all-star team, the stronger the Special Olympics movement will be.