Resources for Coaches & Local Programs

Resources for Coaches & Local Programs

All pertinent resources for coaches, including updated forms for new athletes, volunteers, and existing programs can be found here. If you have any specific questions about a form, please contact the Business Operations Department at Ops@SpecialOlympicsMA.org.

Becoming a Certified Special Olympics Coach

To become a Special Olympics MA Coach, you must complete the following:

Beyond the role of Coach, you can become a Head Coach by completing the following:

  • Complete the Unified Sports Course (if sport you are coaching is unified). Please note you must list Special Olympics MA as your Organization name under your account
  • Complete a SOMA Sport Specific certification

Sports Specific test is intended to be informational and provide sport specific information and links to help coaches become better informed. This is good for Special Olympics Massachusetts Sport Specific Head Coach Certification. Coaches must receive a 90% passing grade and can take the test multiple times if needed. Certification is good for three years within a particular sport

Find your sport specific test:


SOMA Coach Certification Database

Check your certification status:

Database last updated on July 18th, 2019

Please use the dropdowns and search features below to find your record. Click on your last name to go to your personal profile page. If the search bar is not showing anything, try refreshing your browser.

Please note that the Unified Sports and General Orientation dates listed are the effective dates. Those certifications are good for your entire life. The other certifications listed display the expiration date for that specific training. If there is no date next to a certification, that means you have not taken it yet. To help simplify the process of re-certifying, all sport specific and concussion training’s taken in 2019, regardless of when in 2019 they were taken, now have an expiration date of 12/31/2022. This does not apply for the Class A volunteer form, protective behaviors, or first aid and CPR.

If you see any errors or missing certifications in your profile, please contact the Business Operations department at Ops@SpecialOlympicsMA.org.

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First NameLast NameProgramRole
Theodore Aaberg Middlesex Coach
Eric Aasheim HMP - C - Hampshire County Sports Coach
Sarah Aasheim HMP - C - Hampshire County Sports Chaperone
Bruno Abbatessa ESS - C - Friends of Special Olympics Chaperone
Lisa Abbatessa ESS - C - Friends of Special Olympics Coach
Anthony Abbatessa ESS - C - Friends of Special Olympics Chaperone
Lloyd Abbott BAR - C - Cape Cod Waves Volunteer
Mary Jo Abbott BAR - C - Cape Cod Waves Unified Partner
Jesse Abbruzzese BAR - S - Latham School Coach
Michael Abell ESS - C - Cape Ann Unified Partner
Chris Aberdale HMD - C - West Springfield Youth Sports Unified Partner
Patricia Abisso MID - C - Bowling Stones Coach
Abiola Aborishade BRI - C - Heller's Angels Unified Partner
Madison Abraham ESS - C - Andover Rising Stars Unified Partner
Samantha Abro WOR - C - Shrewsbury Parks & Rec Unified Partner
Elizabeth Abro WOR - C - Shrewsbury Parks & Rec Coach
Jacob Accardi State Volunteers Unified Partner
Christina Acheampong West.09 - NC Coach
Liliana Acuna SUF - C - Revere Young Athletes Program Unified Partner
Rachel Adam State Volunteers Volunteer
Elizabeth Adamo MID - A - Newton Parks and Recreation Coach
Tia Adams BAR - S - Barnstable High School Unified Partner
Gregory Adams BRI - C - Greater New Bedford Chaperone
Diane Adams BRI - C - Greater New Bedford Volunteer
Nicholas Adams State Volunteers Unified Partner

SOMA Modified Rules and Video Tutorials

Note all S.O. rules are based on National Governing body rules and NGB rules shall be employed unless in conflict with Special Olympics and Special Olympics Massachusetts modifications

Sport Safety

Resources for Local Programs

Financial Management Guidelines

Forms and Registration Webinar

  • SOMA recently recorded a Webinar explaining how to fill out forms (medical, class A form, sport registrations, etc.) and how SOMA’s insurance ties in to everything

Divisioning Webinar

  • SOMA recorded a Webinar explaining how divisioning works for team and individual sports

Uniform and Guidelines

  • Refer to our team uniform guideline to see how logo should be implemented
  • For logos and other graphic resources, please contact your Community Development Manager

Special Olympics MA Codes of Conduct

Special Olympics General Rules