Boston – A special place to run

We asked our Xtra Mile Boston Marathon® runners where the coolest place they ever ran was. Many of them actually said Boston is their favorite place to run! Read some of their responses below:


Tim McLaughlin

  • “This will be my 4th Boston Marathon and 8th marathon overall. I have to say…nothing…nothing…beats running the Boston Marathon. The crowd is like no other. The energy is amazing.”

Nikki Grifone

  • “I love that I am local and I am able to train on the Boston Marathon course so frequently- it is a pretty surreal feeling!”

Greg Schwartz

  • “When I was training to run the 2015 Boston Marathon with the Charity Teams I ran my first 21 miles of the Boston Marathon route from Hopkinton, MA.”

Marissa Malboeuf

  • “I absolutely love the Saturday morning runs in Boston. I love that the route changes weekly, giving you different scenic views of the Boston Marathon course!”

Rick Melanson

  • “This may sound cliché but Boston is the coolest place to run. I have yet to run a course that I do not enjoy.”

Nancy Whitcher

  • “I loved running the Falmouth Road Race! But I’m also lucky enough to run the Cape Cod Canal during sunrise, it’s beautiful.”

Chicago, Illinois

Fe Ahrens

  • “I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2016 – cool way to see the city.”

Carla Simon

  • “I loved running in the Chicago Marathon in 2019. The crowds and overall support was amazing so were the sights and things I got to see outside of running in the race.”

Honalulu, Hawaii:

Andy Bryant

  • “I did the Honolulu Marathon. There were fireworks at the start. It was really fun. I was born in Honolulu.”

Dublin, Ireland:

Tricia O’Neill

  • “Ireland! I studied abroad in Dublin during college, and running was one of the best ways for me to learn the layout of a new city. I would just go on a run and get lost and need to find my way back. I did my first half-marathon in Ireland, and for a LONG stretch of the road a flock of sheep ran alongside us!”

San Diego, California:

Ian Saarman

  • “The coolest place I’ve run is Mission Beach, San Diego, CA. Amazing views of the Pacific Ocean, the cliffs of La Jolla and palm trees. A lot of healthy, active people around. I lived out there for Grad School and often did my long runs along the water.”


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