Meet Xtra Mile 2019 Boston Marathon Runner Abbie Kaiser

Abbie Kaiser grew up in Portland, Oregon, and now lives in Boston, Massachusetts. At one time running was just a hobby, but now she trains more seriously and does other things in her free time. Her hobbies include watching movies, reading, cooking, or hanging out with her friends and family. Nine years ago, Abbie moved out to Boston to study at Northeastern University.  Over the years she has gotten involved with many parts of the community allowing Boston to feel more like her home.  She also feels the city has given her many opportunities.

Abbie got involved with Special Olympics through a past job 4-5 years ago as part of a Disabilities Awareness network she was involved in, and was able to volunteer at Summer Games.  Now she is a coaches Special Olympics Massachusetts basketball and softball teams.  The Special Olympics organization means a lot to Abbie.  Sports have had a very positive impact on her life, providing her with a sense of community, teaching her the value of hard work and discipline and giving her confidence when she needed it most. She believes every human being is deserving of the opportunity to be an athlete.  In her own words, Special Olympics is a special organization because it ensures that individuals who are often treated differently and isolated from communities have a space in which they are able to feel confident, make friendships, grow, and have fun. The staff and the volunteers create an atmosphere of respect and inclusion, and everyone who works for Special Olympics Massachusetts has the same drive and focus on what really matters.

Abbie has never run a marathon before, making the Boston Marathon her first ever marathon.  Abbie always wanted to run the Boston Marathon, but saw it as a challenge.  She made the decision to run this year’s marathon as a chance for her to give back to the city and community as it has given her so much. She sees how the Boston Marathon brings the whole city together year after year.  To train, Abbie is doing a lot of running as well as strength training, yoga, and following the Heartbreakers training routine.  Abbie’s motivation to run is driven by thoughts of the positive and meaningful experiences she has had and witnessed thanks to the Special Olympics. On the day of the race her friends, coworkers, and her mom, who is flying in for the race, are going to be cheering her on from the sidelines.


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