Fighting boredom with physical activity

Staying Active at Home – Mike Kelley

Whenever I am not in classes or was given a day off from my part-time job, I think about what to do to keep myself busy. There is that thought that watching movies or tv shows on Netflix can keep me entertained along with playing games like Banjo-Kazooie or Madden on my game consoles. However, coming from an athletic family there is the option to keep yourself active and healthy. If I did not have this as an option to keep me busy, then I would be lying on my couch all day. Staying active is a good way to be healthy and keep your mind sharp.

Since 2016, I been keeping myself active by doing early morning walks or runs around my town in Auburn. I did not want to be like that person who sits around his house all day and does nothing when it is during the school year or summer break. By staying active, I managed to get myself in great physical shape and slim down over the past 4 years. Looking back on this now, I feel this was a good move because it has helped me physically and mentally. Without it, I would be flabby and out of shape as I get older.

The backstory of this took place on New Year’s Day of 2016, which was also my dad’s 60th birthday. At this party, I was consuming a lot of the appetizers. When I woke up the following morning, I realized I consumed too much and said to myself I did not want to be like this anymore. I wanted to get back in shape. Over the next few weeks, I started to find what I could do help get myself back in shape, so I tried Everybody Fitness Center. As the days turned into weeks then months, I found that walking helped me stay active.

Earlier this week, I went on a walk around my hometown. After passing the Pakachoag Church, I went down an unpaved road that led me to Autumn Woods Apartment complex, before going up a steep hill to the Pakachoag Golf Course. After getting back to my house, I could not believe I went that far and how exhausted I was. If there is anyone that is looking to do something like this, I would say you should go for it. No matter how far it is or how many hours you do, as along as you find something to keep yourself active.

Staying active at home was a good move for me because it cannot be just sports that can keep me in shape. It helps me stay active along with keeping my brain sharp every day. This also prevents from going insane with boredom. Imagine going three straight days with nothing do. I feel I would go insane within that time period. Staying active at home is a good thing to do, especially in periods of time where you are stuck home for any reason.

Mike Kelley is a 2014 graduate of Auburn High School in Auburn, Massachusetts and played on the Varsity football team for 3 seasons as the first special needs student to play on the team. He is now an assistant coach of the Auburn High School Unified Track & Field team. He competes in Special Olympics Massachusetts in the sports of bowling, swimming, basketball, flag football and softball and is a student at Worcester State University studying communications. 

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