Stay Fit With SOMA 6/29

This week’s theme is Trail Tips!

Every week we have been posting exercise videos, nutrition tips, and more on our blog to provide you with opportunities to stay fit and active even at home! This blog will focus on trail tips for walks, hikes, and spending time outdoors this summer.

Video Blog!

This week we’ve opted to do a video blog instead of a written blog. You can watch the video below. Spending time outdoors and going for a hike is a great way to stay fit while you wait to get back to your regular sport seasons and practices.

Hiking tips emphasized in the video:

  1. Before you go outside, it’s important to check the weather. Make sure it’s not gonna be too rainy, too windy, or even too hot out!
  2. If it is going to be sunny, it’s important to bring sun protection. Like a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
  3. Make sure you are hydrating while you exercise! Even if you are only going for a small walk, it’s important to drink about 5 bottles of water a day.
  4. Make sure to wear the right shoes. Walking in flip flops or sandals might hurt your feet after a while. Try wearing sneakers or hiking boots.
  5. Dress properly. If it’s going to be cooler later in the day, maybe pack a jacket.
  6. If you are going into the woods or swampy areas, wear insect repellant!
  7. Know where you’re going. Even if it’s just a walk around the block, make sure you are able to find your way home.
  8. Let someone know where you are going. Whether it’s a family member or a friend, it’s a good idea to let people know you are going to be out and about. Even better, convince a friend to come with you!
  9. Bring a snack if it’s going to be a longer hike. Try something healthy and nutritious like a piece of fruit.
  10. Leave no trace! Dispose of any waste properly, and be respectful of the wildlife around you. Also try and be considerate of others enjoying the same trails as you.

Have a great time on the trails!


Return to Play Guidelines

Special Olympics Massachusetts will be entering phase 2 of returning to play on July 6th. Teams are allowed to practice in groups of no larger than 10 individuals, along with other requirements that can be found in the Phase 2 Safety Guidelines Document.

More information on return to play is here.

No Live Fitness this week (7/1)! Enjoy the holiday weekend and stay safe. Be sure to get some exercise on your own. For ideas on how to stay active this week, commit to stay fit! You’ll get access to great exercises and tips!

Why you should Commit to Stay Fit with SOMA:

  1. Access to our athlete fitness dashboard
  2. Weekly email with the blog of the week and info on live fitness class
  3. Daily wellness goals
  4. Nutrition tips and recipes
  5. Winner of the week giveaway!


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