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This week’s theme is: A Healthy Grocery Store List!

Every week we post exercise videos, nutrition tips, and more on our blog to provide you with opportunities to stay fit and active even at home! This weeks blog will focus on an example of a grocery store list that not only is healthy, makes lots of different meals but is also within a budget!

Why Create A Grocery Store List

Before we begin, I want to ask you a question, do you make a grocery store list before you go food shopping? If you answered, yes, then great!! If you answered, no, here is why you should start: 

  1. It saves time!  If you don’t make a list your chances of forgetting something increase, which means another trip to the store. Plus knowing exactly what you need will help you avoid having to go down every single isle.
  2. Saves money! Without a list of exactly the items you need, you’ll get pulled into all the temptation and buy unnecessary items
  3. Avoids waste! When you don’t have a game plan in mind with a specific item, its easy to forget about it and therefore it goes to waste.
  4. Keeps you healthy!  When you think and plan to make healthy plans, you add health items to your list. When you stop going by your list is when snacks and junk foods are bought. Also be sure to plan/ schedule your shopping trips out, then make time to eat before. Eating before you food shop eliminate buying unnecessary items because you are hungry.
  5.  Reduces Stress! Buying random stuff without having an idea about what your going to do can create meal planning stress for the rest of the week!

Printable Grocery Store List/ Weekly Meal Prep

An Example Grocery Store List

The very first step in creating a healthy and budget friendly grocery store list is to set an actual budget.  For the purpose of the blog we have a $50 budget for a single person household. Make your budget fit the finance you have along with number of people in your household (a single person house is very different than a 4 person house).

Below is the grocery store list & Why each item made the list. Grocery Store list from registered dietitian and best-selling author Erin Palinski-Wade’s, RD. Find the Article

  • Prunes: lower in naturally occurring sugar than other dried fruit. Prunes contain fiber and may help prevent bone loss. Prunes can act as a sugar substitute in your favorite dessert.
  • Avocado: makes the list because of the fiber content and its heart- healthy monounsatured-fat. Spread it on toast, put it in a smoothie, or smash it into a brown batter.
  • Bananas: easiest on the go snack option. The potassium found in bananas can also help your body balance out sodium
  • Sweet Potatoes:  Antioxidants in the form of vitamin A and C and a low price point!
  • Fresh Spinach: is a staple to many recipes- use it in salads, add it to smoothies, or sauté it!
  •  Rolled Oats: only has one ingredient- whole grain oats.  Plus half a cup offers 5 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber
  • Whole Grain Wraps: are fiber rich! Plus you can make anything from breakfast burrito, a wrap or veggie taco! These make meal prep a breeze
  • Black Beans: rich in both protein and fiber they make a perfect addition to any meal. 
  • Chickpeas: Just like black beans they can add a boost of protein or fiber to any dish!
  • Pistachios: filling, nutrient rich protein source. One of the highest protein snack nuts. Packed with the good type of fat and 6g of protein. Perfect on the go snack.
  • Almond Butter: A small amount of almond butter (2 tablespoons) provide 17grams of fat, 3g fiber and 7 grams protein. This nut butter is full of nutrition
  •  Frozen Veggies: are an affordable way to ensure you have nutritious produce at every meal. Frozen veggies contain just as many nutrients as fresh one.
  • Frozen Berries: can be seen as a nutritional powerhouse!
  • Tofu: makes it easy to whip up a protein rich meal or blend it into a smoothie to help you feel full for hours to come.

Optional items:

  • Salmon Filet or Canned Tuna: adding lean protein from fish to your diet 2x a week  can help you meet your daily omega-3 fatty acid needs
  • Eggs: are a great source of protein that can be incredibly versatile and are also low cost!

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