Poetry with Anne

Poem written by athlete, Anne Deforge.

To Special Olympics Massachusetts,

We rise.

We athletes we have won the prize,

Not just in silver or gold or bronze.

Our stories have been told,

Stories of defeat and discrimination,

Stories of difficult  situations.

The sports we play with so much heart,

At each tournament start,

With these words held in our hearts:

‘Let me win.

But if I cannot win,

Let me be brave in the attempt.’

Now athletes,

Let’s have pride for all that we have overcome.

You do not need to win a medal

To know that you are number one.

We seek not fame or fortune,

But the recognition that comes of simply being.

We are the spirit of the games, athletes.

We heed the call to do our very best in what we do,

Not bathed in pride.

We hold close the pleasure of competing,

And share the joys of those who win.

It is that time of year,

When people stand and cheer,

Dreams of Special Olympics gold,

Stories will soon be told.

Athletes give it their all,

As the world watches in awe.

Let’s support the home team,

As they live out their childhood dreams.

So let the games begin,

The world as one will win.

2 responses to “Poetry with Anne”

  1. Tammy Nickelson says:

    That was beautiful. Very encouraging to me as a parent. Our children are awesome and they get the job done.

  2. Congratulations to team Massachusetts we cheering u on. Good luck make us proud.