Your favorite moments of 2019!

What an incredible year 2019 has been! We asked everyone on social media to share their favorite moments with us and we got some great responses. Here’s what you all shared as your favorite moments of the year:

Nick Johnson

Nick and Brett Johnson at the Bruins game

Nick and Brett Johnson at the Bruins game

Program: Haverhill Stars

Favorite Moment: “My favorite moment was when me and my brother Brett were featured by the Boston Bruins as their athlete spotlight, getting personalized jerseys and being in the Jumbotron!”

Theresa Jenkins

Program: Hampshire Heat

Favorite Moments: “Celebrating the Gold, Brotherly love style,” and “Watching my son Caleb, who has been a partner for 8 years hit a grand slam at the tournament.”

Joe Jamros

Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love

Program: Shrewsbury

Favorite Moments: “Volunteering for first time in Bocce, Coaching the Unified Basketball and Track team For Shrewsbury High School, Playing in the World Games in Abu Dhabi.”

Micah Barshay

Program: Brookline

Favorite Moment: “There is no one moment. The friendships our athletes make each season with some of our Coaches and Unified Partners is just amazing. No other organization does inclusion better.”

Ellie Gamache

Gamache Family at Polar Plunge

Family at Polar Plunge

Program: Special Olympics Massachusetts staff

Favorite Moment: “Watching my mom and brothers do the New Bedford Polar Plunge.”

Meghan Wallace

Students communicating using ASL

Students at Shrewbury High School communicate using ASL

Program: Shrewsbury High School

Favorite Moment: “Attached is a photo of one of the many favorite moments of Unified at SHS this year. In this photo Ryan and Cole, Trevor’s partners in Unified Basketball are showing how they learned to communicate with Trevor through sign language this season . Ryan is signing “Good Work” to Trevor in this photo. A wonderful moment that exemplifies SHS Unified in one photo.”

Matthew McCarthy

Program: Thrive

Favorite Moment: “Winning the Gold medal at the Special Olympics May Games 2019!”

Liliana Bass

Liliana Bass returns to Special Olympics

Liliana Bass

Program: Cape Cod Waves

Favorite Moment: “Returning back to special Olympics after being gone due to several medical issues…Since being back I had lots of fun participating in all the events, Senior Games, Summer Games, bocce. Being back with the Cape Cod Waves. Participating in Special Olympics means a lot to me because I love it and it shows that I overcame my medical challenges. Doing Special Olympics helps me get stronger and I feel great about myself!!!”

Beth Budner

Program: Brookline REC

Favorite Moment: “I’d say definitely our amazing teamwork during our basketball practices last season @ Winsor School in Boston & our Red basketball team winning @ B.C. in mid-March. Ditto for our fun games, tossing the ball to our teammates & coaches.”

Daniel ODonnell and friends

Daniel ODonnell and friends

Daniel O’Donnell

Program: Brookline REC

Favorite Moment: “My favorite favorite moment was taking a picture with my friends Brett and Nick from the Haverhill Stars. Also competing with my friends George & Logan from THRIVE!”

Meghan O’Neil

Program: Nashoba Shooting Stars and Special Olympics Massachusetts staff

Favorite Moment: “There are too many to choose from, but my gym, BFItt:60 in Billerica, decided to start a program with the local Special Olympics MA athletes to work on their health and fitness ahead of Summer Games. I was so happy to be able to combine my passion for Special Olympics and fitness together and especially getting to work out alongside my brother and mom. We were able to spend time with our ski team athletes and family members outside of ski season and develop new skills each week.”

Jennifer Walsh

Zach Landry and Milford basketball

Zach Landry and Milford Unified basketball

Program: Milford

Favorite Moment: “My favorite moment is watching Zach Landry, who has autism, play a game of basketball without having his hands in his ears. It is such a huge accomplishment for him. When he first started playing Unified Basketball he would play the game in fear of the buzzer ringing and just ran up and down the court without really participating. Now with wonderful coaching and Unified partners who support him, he fully participates and is a wonderful teammate. Pure Joy!”

Meghan Scire

Meghan Scire and her softball team

Meghan Scire and her softball team


Program: Northeast Arc

Favorite Moment: “My softball.”

2 responses to “Your favorite moments of 2019!”

  1. George Coffey says:

    My favorite moment isn’t “a moment”, but my sons journey from a 9 year old kid wanting to do “some sports” to a young adult Special Olympics Athlete, Special Olympics Assistant Coach, A Tops Soccer Coach and an East Bridgewater Youth Soccer Coach.

    I’ve also been lucky enough to watch the growth of all of our athletes become leaders of men & women on their Special Olympics Teams.

    During the 2nd game of the Stanley Cup Finals Jimmy was selected to be Bill Belichicks partner waving the Bruins Flag during the pregame ceremonies. I thought it was pretty cool and asked him what he thought about it. He said it was fun and nice to meet “THE COACH”, but getting to be a coach (himself) was better.

    As his coach and dad I am especially proud of that too.

  2. Peter T Stucchi says:

    Seeing my team mates go to the world games

    Peter Stucchi

    Program Shrewsbury