Gregg Gallant’s Story – Natick Passion Plunge 2020

Hello, I’m Gregg and I am very excited to be part of your plunge today in support of Special Olympics. Special Olympics Massachusetts offers 23 amazing sports over 4 seasons, as an athlete I compete in four of those: Alpine skiing in the winter, volleyball in the spring, softball in the summer and soccer in the fall. I would love to be able to play every sport…..but let’s be honest, I’m not superman. 

For over 50 years Special Olympics has included and given the opportunities to many of my fellow athletes that they have never dreamed of. Through the idea of inclusion I’ve gained friends, healthy habits and the confidence to speak in large groups. Think of how many kids would be excluded in events without Special Olympics. Now look at how far we have come with acceptance, inclusion, and respect for Special Olympics Athletes. Special Olympics Athletes are classmates, family members, neighbors, co-worker and yes even CEOs. I implore you to experience inclusion and embrace it. Inclusion isn’t just a one-time thing. Inclusion lives forever. All I ask is in the future you reach out, come to a Special Olympics event and choose to include.

The way I see it, everyone has a disability or a weakness. But it’s how we cope that defines how it affects us. The Special Olympics movement will keep growing and growing with volunteers who are willing to generously donate resources and time. I am 1 of the 5 million athletes worldwide whose life has changed because of the Special Olympics.

Fourteen years ago when I first heard that my parents had signed me up for Special Olympics Massachusetts I still remember telling them that it wasn’t for me, but I still went to my first practice to give it a shot and look how far I’ve come. I’ve challenged myself to become great at the sports I do. I’ve made lifetime friends with Athletes, Coaches, Volunteers, Fundraisers like you, and the Amvets, without whom none of this would have been possible. I am so grateful for your passion and dedication when it comes to Special Olympics Massachusetts. We at SOMA are always looking for ways to keep our fundraisers motivated and doing what you do best: supporting athletes like me by going out there, spreading awareness and raising money! Because of the fundraisers my fellow Athletes and their families aren’t asked to pay to participate.

When we plunge today we will Be Bold while Getting Cold but most importantly we will own our crazy!!! We will own our passion!!! We will own our style!!! Lastly we will own our bravery as we own our icy fate in Lake Cochituate!

Thank you!

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